When bad photography happens to good food.

I’m a humungous-gudungous (real words – ask my 4 year old) fan of Kristan the Cookbook Queen.  I want to eat every single thing she posts and do alot of *smack my forehead* ‘why didn’t I think of that??.’  A while back she posted Rocky Road brownies that tasted sooo good and looked even better.  Until I tried to take a picture of them.  Then they looked like this:

Kind of drippy and not in a good way.  No matter how many times I walked around them and took pictures from every angle, they just didn’t get any better.  So then I had the bright idea to use just one brownie and get all artsy-creative.  This is what happened:

Mmm Hmmm, that was my reaction too. Echoed by Mr. D.

So while my photography still needs lots of work, the brownies DID turn out scrumptious.  So close your eyes and give them a try:

Rocky Road Brownies (adapted from a recipe by Confessions of a Cookbook Queen):

1 box of 9×13 brownie mix

1 jar of marshmallow fluff

1 bottle (you won’t use the whole thing) of chocolate syrup)

1 cup of sliced almonds

Bake brownies according to package.  Right after taking them out of the oven, spoon dollops of marshmallow fluff on top.  Pour chocolate syrup over the top.  Take a knife and swirl the marshmallow and syrup together.  Sprinkle with sliced almonds.  Enjoy!

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