May the Force be with you…

I am married and have a son and therefore, by default, know about Star Wars.  Every stick in our yard is a secret light sabre pretending to be a stick.  Every time a light bulb burns out it’s not because the kids NEVER shut the lights off, it’s really because the Force at times in our house is so great, fragile things like light bulbs just can’t handle it. My daughter is an occasional Jedi – like when it’s ok to swing light sabres that are pretending to be sticks at her brother.

So there’s a new Jedi in town and his name is Caleb.  Caleb turned six over the weekend and hosted a Jedi training/birthday party and didn’t want cake – he wanted cake pops and cookies.  A boy after my own heart!  No cake! Just cookies and cake pops.  And no cake.  Love that!  This is what we did:

Vanilla cakepops.  And….

I made these cookies using the Williams Sonoma cookie cutters.  They are pricey but so easy to use.  They have a stamp that you press in to the dough before baking so it reminded me of paint by number while I was decorating.  I would highly recommend them!

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