Who made up Halloween?

As stated earlier, I am an Autumn girl.  Cooler weather, bigger clothes, cute boots, chunky jewelry, all of the things autumn brings.   Well except one thing…Halloween.  I’m not a great big Halloween fan.  I mean, walking the aisles in the store, having things jump out and laugh “Mwah ha ha ha”. Trying to sneak my fourth Reese’s peanut butter cup, only to have my hand slapped by the plastic hand sticking out of the bowl. Really?!?!  It’s like the candy hired a bodyguard and that’s just wrong.

I mixed and matched some sugar cookies, playing around with different cutters and this is what I came up with.


.The frankenstein and what-is-supposed-to-be Dracula (yes, I did add blood!) are mini present shaped cookies cutters.  The ghost is an Easter cookie cutter – it’s a chick breaking out of an egg.

I love the idea of minis in a jar.  I think they are THE perfect gift.


Enjoy your Halloween and watch out for the plastic hand bodyguard.

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