It’s giveaway time***WINNER ANNOUNCED***

Drumroll please..the winner is Amy Levine!

Amy LEVINE: “What a great idea. I want that Lasagna recipe!!!

Congratulations!  Drop me a line and I’ll get your gift to you.

I’m having a giveaway to celebrate 100 (a little bit more than that now) ‘Likes’ on my Treats 4 Ta-tas Facebook page.  I know, I know, this is a blog and that is Facebook but I’m letting everyone in on the fun!  Kind of like those department stores that have grand-opening sales, even though they’ve been open for a couple of years but they’re celebrating a sister store opening?  Something like that.

Just smile and nod like you understand, that’s what my husband does,  And my son.  Not my daughter though – she just flat out says “What ARE you talking about??”

I’m giving away these:

I want to make sure you get a good look at the cutest wooden spoon set I’ve ever seen:

Aren’t those the cutest?  I don’t know if these wil ENcourage you to cook or DIScourage you to cook because you’re not going to want to mess them up.  But…The Pioneer Woman cookbook is absolutely going to make you want to cook!  My favorite is the Lasagna. And Perfect Pot Roast. Hands-down the Mashed Potatoes.  Well enter to win and see for yourself.

To enter, leave a comment and tell me “are you going to keep these for yourself or give them away this holiday season?”

Entries must be received by midnight,  Wednesday, October 26.

Disclaimer: The Pioneer Woman has never heard of me. I wish she had though, I’d love visit the Lodge. Ah well….



8 thoughts on “It’s giveaway time***WINNER ANNOUNCED***

  1. First congratulations.

    I love giveaway and this cute stuff you are giveaway if I win I am going to keep for myself I love to cook and this culinary instruments are going to help me a lot in my Kitchen.
    I wish I win.

  2. I would have to admit that I would keep it. I have been wanting that cookbook anyway — cookbook and those cute spoons….

    Thanks for all the wonderful things you have been doing to advance breast cancer research! You are wonderful!!!

  3. I would keep them and use them with the cookbook that you are giving away. Good to get new ideas and recipes from other people. Thanks for the giveaway. It is nice and could be very useful.


  4. I would be tempted to give them as a wonderful gift, but I must admit that I love new cookbooks!! After 26 years of marriage it is always nice to get a new addition. So if Kathy wins, I want to borrow the cookbook…just to read. 🙂 Those utensils are so pretty…do you have some and use them??
    Thank you for all you have done for me and for fighting breast cancer! Bless you and your mama.


  5. The spoons are so cute! I would totally keep the cookbook but the spoons are so pretty that I would be afraid to use them and I would just keep them in my utensil holder on my counter so everyone could see and admire them ;-). So I would probably give the spoons away as a gift to my sister in law who loves to cook and bake so I know she would use them on a daily basis.

    Awesome job Stacey!!



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