An Army of Ghosts

On Halloween, my most unfavorite holiday,…well actually I think it ties for first with April Fool’s Day.  I really REALLY am not a fan of April Fool’s day.  You’d think after the 137th time someone pointed at my shirt and said “what’s that?” only to have them thump me under the nose, or the 246th time someone told me my shoe was untied, I’d learn.  Ok, I have learned, but when you have kids you have to relive the nightmare over and over again, all the time.  Wait!! I think I’ve just realized that Halloween is not my least favorite holiday!

So where was I…

Right.  On Halloween we have a tradition.  We host dinner for lots of neighborhood friends and that way all the kiddos eat a good, healthy meal before they go trick-or-treating and gorge themselves on candy.  But the candy thing wasn’t going to happen until after they left our house so I felt I still needed to provide a dessert, because that’s just what I do.  There is a fabulous, incredibly talented blogger – Amanda at and she created a beautiful cake covered in yummy marshmallow frosting ghosts.  Since I wanted to provide a small, mouth-watering, bite-size dessert I shrunk her cake down to mini-cupcakes.

Mmm-mmm good. Aren’t they boo-tiful? Scary-umptious? I’ll stop now.

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