Chocolate Caramel Nut Bars

Years ago I was a single gal working for an airline in Chicago.  I did not know how to cook and certainly didn’t know how to bake but liked to talk like I knew everything (shocking, isn’t it??)  One of the things I bragged about was a Texas sheet cake recipe I had.

Let me be clear.

I had the recipe.

I did not use the recipe.

A bunch of us were put to the test when it was decided that we would have a dessert contest.  Specifically a chocolate dessert contest and of course I was told to bring in my famous Texas sheet cake.  Short story long I baked my little heart out that night.  The recipe I had said that when the cake is pulled out of the oven immediately pour on the frosting.  So of course I didn’t notice the sunken hole in the center of the cake until the frosting was on and it cooled on the counter.  But since I was not a baker I thought it curious but not a real concern.

The best comment was when the Senior Vice President tasted my cake and loved how I had added the melty, gooey chocolate center.  I smiled graciously and crossed all my fingers and toes, hoping I didn’t just kill the Senior Vice President of a major airline with my undercooked cake.

The winning recipe was Chocolate Caramel Nut Brownies.  They are supposed to be melty and gooey.



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