Thinking (just a little) outside the box.

It seems like just a couple of weeks ago it was Halloween.  Wasn’t it ?  Like just about 35 days ago?  And now Christmas is only 20 days away??  And I still have gifts to buy. There’s Grandma. And my brother. And Grandpa.  And my Dad.  Ugh, he’s the worst one to buy for.  He’s one of those people that decides he wants something and then just goes and gets it.  There should be a rule that when you are difficult to buy for, you are not allowed to shop for yourself after Thanksgiving.  When there’s only like 20 days until Christmas and your family is struggling to come up with a gift and you have an idea for something and then you just go buy it without thinking that it would be a good Christmas idea, the consequences of that action are that you should have to buy the rest of us TWICE as many gifts. Ha!  That’s a great idea!

No.  Better yet, my dad that person should have to buy for all the other difficult people on your list.

That’ll teach ’em.

Ummmm. No. No it won’t.

Right.  Halloween.  We hosted dinner on Halloween and I made a Halloween dessert.  A little army of ghosts.  And as I stared at the ghosts, they started looking like little snowmen.

I made a chocolate ganache topped with a marshmallow buttercream for the snowmen.  I microwaved a yellow starburst so it was easier to roll out for the scarf.  I used cereal (Fiber One) for the arms and black tube icing for the mouth.  Poof!  An old ghost turns in to a new Snowman.


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