Random thoughts

1. Leggings aren’t for everyone.  If one of your favorite foods is sausage and you wear leggings the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ comes to mind.

2. Why do thermometers go below 32 degrees? I think ‘below freezing’ pretty much covers how cold it is.

3. After six years of driving my son to school, the carpool lane still stresses me out.

4. My five year-old’s teacher told me she needs improvement with her scissor skills. The last time we had them out she cut a hole in her shirt. Have you ever seen the bangs on kids that ‘practice’ with scissors?  She will have to practice that skill at school.

5. Tailgating me will not make me drive faster.  It just won’t.

My nephew turned four a couple of weeks ago and my sister-in-law asked me to make him some cake pops or some cookies.  Cake pops for kids that age always seem like more fun so I told him he’d be getting cake pops.  She said he was having a Cars themed birthday party.  I planned to make red covered cake balls with a lightning stripe and instead I came up with these.

He was pretty pleased and so was I.

And an add-on to Random Thought #1 – if cake pops are your major food group (like they are mine) you will also look like a cake pop in leggings. That is why I don’t have any leggings.


8 thoughts on “Random thoughts

    • I made it in the shape of a ball, then I pushed my thumb in to the top to make an indentation. That was it. I squeezed the nose part a little to make it appear longer like the hood of a car. Do NOT make the cake balls bigger thinking that will help make it look more like a car – it gets too heavy and while you’re waiting for the red to dry it will slide down the stick. Not that it happened to me…I’m just sayin’…

      • These are great!! What did you use for the wheels? What type of icing did you use to decorate? I’ve tried the food writing pens in the past without luck! Thanks so much for your reply! I’m going to “attempt” these for my son’t class on his birthday!!

        • Thanks! The wheels are black M&Ms and I used candy coating to decorate everything but the pupils of the eyes. They’re just black sprinkles. I don’t have much success with the writing pens either – good luck!

  1. Hi! I’ve been having problems with getting my candy coating a bright red color… did you buy this already red colored? Or did you color it yourself?

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