Is this thing on??

Tap. Tap. Tap.


Anyone there?

I AM still here and have been awfully quiet lately, haven’t I?  I’ll be honest, the holidays came and went, the baking died down a little bit while everyone is trying out their New Year’s Resolutions to eat-healthy-and-work-out-more….

I expect things to pick up in a couple of weeks <wink>.

So a couple of things have happened lately.  First, a website invited me to become a writer so I’ve been working at that.  I say working because unlike this blog, I have to try to sound all smart and informative and frankly, that takes alot out of me.  I post there about once a week with recipes and some random ideas.  If you want to read my version of ‘smart’ the website is and I’m ‘CC’s Mom’.

Second, there are alot of cookie and cupcake decorators out there I admire very much.  They are so incredibly talented and creative I thought I’d try to get creative myself and see what I came up with.  I thought ‘Cinnamom and Sugar Crisps’ sounded good.

Yes.  It only sounded good.  Taste, not so much.

Then it was Elvis’ birthday so I made him a cookie.

My husband couldn’t figure out who it was.  Hmph.  So I thought I’d take a break from baking and decided to take a picture of my ‘Quick and Easy Recipe of the Week’ so that I had a mouth-watering photo to accompany said recipe.

Um, dog throw-up on a plate anyone?  So I was really starting to feel like I was losing my edge.  I went back to an old favorite and finally…


Mojo’s back.

…at least until I decide to get all creative again…



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