Everything’s cuter when it’s small.

A list of things that are a lot cuter when they’re small:

Dogs – I can’t get enough of those soft puppy ears!

Feet – I mean come on, how cute are those little tiny baby feet??

Spiders – Are not cute at all but smaller doesn’t freak me out nearly as much.

Horses – they’re beautiful when they’re big but super cute when the miniature.

To do lists – Small lists mean more time for Pinterest.

My kids attitudes – big attitudes are not cute.  They just aren’t.

I am learning through this baking adventure that mini desserts are fun desserts because no one wants to commit to one big plate of something, they like to taste a little of everything.  Here are a few examples…

Don’t you just want to take a bite out of the fish?

Look familiar?  This is another view of the cupcakes at the top of the blog.

This is me, decorating a bajillion mini-cookies for Christmas.  They were even cuter in a mason jar with a ribbon.

See?  Even baker’s are cuter when they’re small.  Her little feet are super cute too.

Next time you need a dessert, think mini.  Everyone loves mini desserts because they have an excuse to eat more 🙂





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