Who knew?

Last week I was surprised to learn that I’m a glass-is-half-full kind of a gal.  Who knew?  I’ve always thought that I was a ‘whatever works’ girl.  Glass half full, glass half empty, whatever works as long as it quenches my thirst.  Italian or chinese food for dinner?  Whatever works.  I drive or you drive?  Whatever works.

There are times when I’d even call myself the dreaded glass-is-half-empty girl.  Like last week when I was flossing and a chunk of tooth came out.  I thought that since I’d avoided the dentist for like, two years, my teeth were disintegrating and I was going to have to have eight root canals and seventeen teeth pulled.  Turns out it was just a 20 year old crown that gave out.  Or the time I was sure there was machete-wielding murderer outside our front door trying to break in and it turned out it was birds building a next in the wreath on the front door.

Hmmm, maybe the glass-is-half-empty thing isn’t my problem, it could possibly be that I overreact?

Last week a friend of mine called and asked if I’d make cookies for her to give to some co-workers that work in a room they call the ‘dungeon’.  When she said dungeon I thought instead of dark gray, I’d make flowers and mountains and suns.  She said I had a sunnier outlook than she had because she was picturing castles and stocks and fire breathing dragons.

So I guess that makes me a glass-is-half-full kind of a gal.

sorry for the poor quality picture, they were out the door before I could take a better picture


One thought on “Who knew?

  1. It’s in our blood, Stace! You’re a LARSEN!!…some might say “Poor thing!” lol But, not me…tis a great family to be part of…half-full or half-empty, we love ’em all!! 🙂

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