“Busy girls are better girls.”

That’s according to Mr. Black, my bestie’s dad and he should know because he had five girls.  FIVE.  I can NOT fathom having five girls.  There’s only one girl in my house – I’m not a girl, I’m just Mom which apparently means no gender according to my kids – and she can be pretty whiney.  And bossy.  And weepy.  And hard of hearing because she doesn’t hear me when I tell her to stop jumping on the couch.

So the last couple of weeks I have been a busy girl.  We started off with cookies for a Teacher Appreciation luncheon we held for the teachers at my son’s school.  Did I really need to explain that?  As if I’d make Teacher cookies for the mailman.  Although I bet he’d like them anyway because I think the mailman is under-appreciated and would love to get anything.

Back to my point.

Next was a basket for a church fundraiser, complete with cookies and cake pops.  I’m sure it made eleventeen dollars.

Then Riley turned six years old and her mom threw the most. amazing. party. ever.  She transformed her house into the Seven Acre Wood.  These cookies went with the beehive birthday cake.

This picture was also a reminder on how badly I need to work on my photography skills.

Jessie had her First Communion and sent me a picture of the decorations which I turned in to a cookie because everything’s a cookie, don’t you think?

I think saying “my photography skills” is an oxymoron.

The Liberty Eagles also held a fundraiser so I made some cookies to put in their silent auction basket.

*yawn*.  These pictures are killing me.

Chloe turned three and loves Sesame Street.  Specifically Abby Cadabby, who is her favorite character which then put a lot of pressure on me to make a cupcake that sort of resembled Abby.  Abby is very colorful and fluffy and how do you translate THAT?  I gave it a try.

My friend owns a shop in town and wanted some cookies to encourage people to donate to Breast Cancer Research.  I love her for that. The red cookies matched a tablecloth and the blue cookies I made to match her blue and white room.  What??? You DON’T have a blue and white room?

Then my friend decided she wanted some cake pops so I made her toadstools to match toadstools in another room.  Ok, she keeps calling the mushrooms but to me they look like toadstools in a fairy garden.

And we ended with a bridal shower for Julie.

Phew.  I’m worn out.  Next week I get to work on cookies for a young man graduating from high school – the same high school I went to with his mom.

And then I get to work on Girl Scout cookies for my bestie’s daughter’s Girl Scout troop.

I followed Mr. Black’s advice.  I was a busy girl.

P.S. Mr. Black also had three boys. I don’t know why I needed to tell you that. I was feeling guilty that I didn’t mention them.

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