It’s been a nostalgic time for me lately.  First, I made cookies for my favorite Girl Scout troop. I was a Girl Scout when I was little and learned how to macrame, a vital skill I have used never, many times, in all these years. I made my mom a plant hanger that I’m sure she had hanging right in the family room for the whole world to see.  Although I don’t remember ever seeing it anywhere in our house I’m sure it was there because it matched perfectly with our gold shag carpet and black tweed couches.  And I learned how to heat up a can of Hash in foil over a campfire at day camp.  I can still smell it…it still doesn’t smell any better 35 year later.  I also learned how to heat up a banana in foil over a campfire.  I suppose there’s more to that recipe but that’s all I remember.  A warm, mushy banana in really hot tinfoil.  I apologize right now to my girl scout leaders who I’m sure worked really hard at coming up with all the other activities I’m sure I did and don’t remember.

Then I made cookies for Cody who graduated from my high school alma mater.  We were the Trojans.  Like spartan trojans and spartan is the key word to remember when you’re trying to search the internet for an image.  I’m just saying…

There was the whole setting the grill on fire again.  But this time I didn’t call the fire department.

There are some things from the past though I hope don’t come back.

Shoulder pads.  BIG shoulder pads.


Spandex.  Crap…too late.

Spiral perms.  Growing them out takes…for…ev….er

Stirrup pants.

Banana clips.  Unless you get a spiral perm, then they’re really handy.


I’m going to go put on my leg warmers and workout to Jane Fonda.  Like, totally.



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