Desserts for the Deserving

I am a stay-at-home mom.  I am lucky that my husband has a good job that affords me that luxury.  Contrary to some beliefs, it’s a tough job…I’m ‘on the clock’ from the minute I wake up until I lay my head on the pillow with taking care of kids, cleaning, cooking, and chauffeuring.  At times I even feel overwhelmed, wondering how on earth I’m going to get it all done.

Then I met Super-Inspirational-Woman, whom we’ll call SIW (ha-Sue!) for short.  She’s Wonderful-Man’s loving wife and mom to Beautiful Little Sunshine girl.  SIW had been plugging right along and found out she had a life-threatening form of cancer.  So as Super-Inspirational women do, she underwent every treatment they could throw at her and came out super duper on the other side. Then they found out her treatment had created a heart thing that meant she had to undergo wicked heart surgery and came out of that super duper on the other side.

**Now is when I should mention that I’ve been asked not to share specific details.  Hence the vague double talk.

Enter “Desserts for the Deserving.”  Amanda from created this movement last year.  People nominate someone they feel deserves a special treat and I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to make cookies for Super-Inspriational-Woman.

All joking aside, I was humbled to read her story.  She’s not only a stay-at-home mom that juggles all the same things I do, she had to do it during chemotherapy and recovery from surgery!  Astonishing.

It makes me feel thankful and truly blessed that I GET to take care of my children…to be there every minute to see the next accomplishment, to get a hug and a kiss just because.  To clean the house that my healthy, happy family has been able to live in without worry.  To cook yummy meals and bake tasty treats to show my family how much I love them everyday.  To safely chauffeur my two beautiful, carefree strong children to their next favorite thing.  To feel the flutter I still get in my stomach when my husband comes home from work after fifteen years of marriage.

Thank you Super-Inspirational-Woman for helping me appreciate the little things.  Thank you and God Bless.


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