My World

Cassie was eating breakfast the other day and asked me why there are rainbows.

I thought about it for a minute…or really, acted like I was thinking about it for a minute because a) it was first thing in the morning and I have trouble figuring out how to turn on the light first thing in the morning, and b) I only passed science class because I sat next to Marc Wollerman.  Marc was pretty smart and pretty tolerant of flaky me that he was stuck sitting by for YEARS. Our classroom seating charts were always organized alphabetically, he was WOLlerman, I was WONdriska.  He learned ’round about the sixth grade that it was better just to give me the answers than to explain it to me.

I told Cassie “Rainbows are there to make us smile.”

Dan walked in while I was answering, stopped, rolled his eyes, turned to Cassie and said “rainbows are created by light reflecting through droplets of blah blah blah….”

That’s exACtly how my science teacher sounded too!

I like things that are light and happy, not all serious and heavy.  I like holidays that way too.

Halloween is just around the corner – NOT Christmas as the stores would like you to believe – and I like the fun part of Halloween like this….

or this..






…but definitely not this….

The Woodstock and Snoopy cookies were made for the ‘Go Bo!’ foundation fundraiser being held the weekend of October 13 at the Door County Fall Fest.  If you haven’t heard about Bo, here’s a wonderful article to read

The zombie cookies were part of a photo shoot for  Gretchen has the BEST party ideas and printables.

I like my rainbow answer better.


2 thoughts on “My World

  1. I LOVED your rainbow answer and I love the Go Bo cookies you made! They are PERFECT!!! Thanks for adding them to the Halloween Party!

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