I love School!

I lu-uh-uv school!  More clearly, I love all the gear you have to buy for school.  Notebooks, pens, highlighters, new school shoes.

Hmmm, everything comes back to shoes….

I’m the mom that buys the supplies a month before school starts because I want to make sure that the kids not only get everything they need, but they get everything they need and it looks cool.  I love the promise of a brand new school year with brand new smart stuff to learn and brand new teachers that might give you a break for being one of the blondes that inspired blonde jokes.

This blonde went to the pizza place and ordered a pizza. The pizza guy asked her if she wanted it cut into six pieces or twelve.“Oh, six,” she said. “I could never eat twelve pieces.”   Sadly, totally me when I was 16.And 20.

And 32.

And 43.

Let’s just stop now.

So now I have a full-day kindergartner and a full-day Junior Higher.  Both are riding the school bus for the very first time EVER.  Junior Higher is a master at bussing on his own.  It seems that not all kindergartners that ride the bus are turning into 16 year olds like mine – all in attitude…all in attitude – so our school district does this way cool thing.  They assign Bus Buddies.  They pick an older child, in our case a fifth grader, to go to Cassie’s class, walk her to the bus and make sure she gets off at the right bus stop.  And  it doesn’t hurt to bring suckers, gum or various treats to the kindergartner too.  Hannah is our Bus Buddy Superstar and Cassie wanted to give her a cookie.

Cassie was just beaming when she gave it to her and has big plans to give everyone else’s Bus Buddy a cookie too.  Good thing the school year is nine months long, it may take that long to cover all the Buddies 🙂


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