What if??

I live a lot in the ‘What if…’  world.

What if…the Food Network suddenly showed up on my doorstep to film a segment for a show just about me?  Would they give me time to clean my house? Or would they bring a cleaning crew, makeup artist and hair dresser with them just in case they caught me off guard.  I mean, they didn’t call or anything, they just showed up unannounced after all.  It’s the least they can do.

What if…I won eleventy million dollars and could buy ANYTHING I want?  Would I buy anything I wanted?  I think that would really irritate my mom come Christmas time and she asks me for a list of what I want.  Very thoughtless on my part.  I should stop buying the Powerball tickets that I never bought to begin with because I don’t want to have the added stress of telling mom I have everything I want.

What if…the last order I filled was the last order I ever get?  That is my fear.  That people will stop asking for cookies or cupcakes or cake pops or cakes…well ok, if the cake questions disappeared that would be fine by me.

So at this time of year I try to take as many orders as I can because I’m just sure people are going to get over my baking, go back to baking themselves and I’ll have to resort to ….working out.

<shiver> Blach!

Here’s a few of the things I’ve made this month:

“Build Your Own Snowman Cookie Kit” made for friends and teachers…


These snowflakes were part of the “Nutcracker” Set…


This rocking horse, gingerbread house and ‘Joy’ cookies were for a friend’s holiday open house…

DSC_1560 DSC_1562 DSC_1563

Cupcakes for teachers at my daughter’s school.  Each cupcake was supposed to have a snowflake but I broke most of them in transit :(DSC_1610

I was just messing around with some leftover cookies.  I think Festive Darth is my favorite…


I made these Dora cookies for adorable Emma who was turning 3…DSC_1644

Next year I still hope to bake lots of stuff at holiday time but will need to remember that I have to finish other tasks…like Christmas shopping.  And packing to go back to Chicago for the holidays. And grocery shopping because my family gets really cranky when there’s no food in the house.  Go figure.

What if THEY Christmas shopped, packed and grocery shopped next year???  Now THAT will not happen…

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