“Repeat after me…”

“…I would love to but I can’t.”

My husband regularly practices this with me as I don’t seem to have any of those words in my vocabulary.  And it applies to everything.

…Like the time I agreed to buy 200 pounds of organic beef.  Never mind that we only have the kitchen refrigerator that isn’t even wide enough to hold a frozen pizza.  Oh…and we eat mainly fish and chicken.  Never mind that…

…Or the time I volunteered to make a game and 50 crafts for Cassie’s classroom Valentine’s party.  The same week I had 100 cake pops and 126 cookies to decorate.  And we were going out of town so my seven day week was really only four days long.

…Ooooo…or the extra-special time the guy in the gray corduroy blazer (with brown elbow patches) wearing a polo shirt buttoned up to his chin, annnnnnd…wait for it… shiny…gray….vinyl…velcro…gym shoes asked me on a date to see a three person string quartet.  Yes, I said that correctly.

First, I so so so wish there was some part of that last paragraph that I made up, but if you ask anyone that knows me they will confirm that it is indeed true.

Second, this was the I-only-date-underdogs period of my life.  It was a short period.

…Or “Mom, smell my hand.”  Ok…that one always gets a “I wish I could but I can’t.”

But if I used that phrase, then I wouldn’t get to make really fun things like this smash cake for one of the cutest little one-year-olds I’ve ever met.

smash cake

Or baby shower cookies for a baby shower with the theme ‘Boy’. No circus, Winnie the Pooh, ducks, just…boy.

Baby shower cookies

Then I had some left over icing and played around.  I think this is one of my favorite cookies to date.

heart cookie

I made some cookies for a little sister and her two big brothers.

girlie girl


And I taught a cookie decorating class.  Uh huh, I did!


And finally I made ‘Love Notes’ for all the teachers and staff at Cassie’s school.

love notesI guess I was busier than I thought!

So I promise to start practicing that phrase.

“Mom, can you hurry up and do this load of laundry for tomorrow?”

“Awwww, I’d really love to, but I can’t”  🙂

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