Organized person wannabe.

Look it up in a dictionary and my smiling face will be looking right back at ya.

I have all the organizing stuff.  I have a whizzy IPad with a to-do list app on it.  I have a phone with a whizzy to-do list app on it.  I have a reminder app on the phone and the IPad.  None of those seemed to click so I have an Erin Condren planner that is simply the prettiest planner I have ever seen.  I have weeks listed, months listed, pads for to-do lists and pretty colored stickers for different events.  I never forget an order, but have been known to forget my brother-in-law’s birthday (pretty much ever since I met him so after 18 years it’s probably really just ignoring it now) or the salad dressing for the teacher’s luncheon, even after I put it in my car so I wouldn’t forget.  But then didn’t go anywhere in my car so I didn’t see the dressing and remember to drop it off.

And storage containers!  Holy COW do I have storage containers.  Big ones, small ones, plastic ones, cloth ones, ones that have handles, ones that have wheels, short fat ones, tall skinny ones, short skinny ones, tall fat ones.  And they are all in my storage room…empty with piles of stuff around them.  I get overwhelmed easily and don’t even know where to start so I go online to organizing websites to get ideas. Then get caught up in all their latest posts and the ads on the side of the website with really cute shoes that would go great with that sweater on the last organizing website’s ad bar.  Hmmmm, maybe time management is an issue.  Or lack of focus.

My kids have no focus.  I must have caught it from them.

I think what I really need is a sugar addicted professional organizer/time manager to come organize me while I ply them with cookies and cupcakes.  Surely there’s someone out there like that, dontcha think?

My baking stuff however is very organized.  I have roughly 30 labeled boxes of cookie cutters, fancy jars with cupcake wrappers, all of my sprinkles are in cute mason jars and all my ingredients are labeled and lined up according to usage.  Nobody messes with the baking supplies. Nobody.

Another thing I so badly want to get better at but freeze up at the thought is blogging more. Because I have baked aLOT of stuff lately and you haven’t seen a thing (unless you follow me on Facebook, then you’re pretty up to date) because I haven’t posted in…um…awhile.

So look at what you’ve been missing:

Softball jerseys


Softball jerseys for my daughter’s first year in softball.




Florida cookies

Florida cookies



A little taste of Florida sent to my mom’s dear friend Simone   who’s fighting cancer.



wedding cake pops



A bajillion cake pops for my friend Ashley’s wedding.



twirly ballerina



Paige had a twirly ballerina party and these were part of it 🙂



Tante Pat's cookies



My Aunt is having one heck of a time health-wise lately and these were to perk her up a li’l bit.



So when you come across someone that says they’re a sugar addicted professional organizer/time manager, give them my name, please!

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