Behind the Scenes.

When it comes to cookie designing, I’d like to say that I picture the cookie in my head and the design just translates <poof> right onto the cookie. The reality is, I sketch the cookie to make sure what I picture in my mind is something I can actually do, a lesson I learned after many many botched cookies (but much to the delight of my family while they devoured the botched cookies :)).

Baby onuses

These cookies were for a Confetti Baby Shower thrown by the fabulous Alyssa with Just a Little Sparkle.  She said I could design the onesies myself.  After I stopped over-thinking the designs (because I’m an EXCELLENT over-thinker), I sketched out the cutest ones I could think of.  I thought the little bow tie was nice but the overalls might be my favorite.  I haven’t really jumped on the chevron train yet – when it comes to style I tend to be a good year or two behind the times.  I just found out banana clips and scrunchies are out.

Ok, maybe a bit more than a year or two behind….

Sometimes though sketching doesn’t always work…and over thinking is bad.  Like the time I made ‘Minecraft’ themed cookies for a brave young man battling cancer.

Have you heard of the ‘Minecraft’ video game??  It’s a game where you build stuff like houses and farms and pools and trees and beds and anything you can imagine out of squares.  So everything you build is square.  The chairs are square, the cars are square, cupcakes are square and the beds are square.  Which, as it turns out, is ok because you are square too.

I initially thought, easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Draw the design on the cookie, fill it in the royal icing and it will look all squarey and cool.  This is how that idea turned out…

Minecraft 1

Firstly, the face is off center….see that?  Secondly, it took about two hours to make this because you had to wait for squares to dry before filling in other squares.  Thirdly, the color hues just didn’t work out as well as they should.  So I tried again.  And again.  And. a. gain. That’s when the little voice inside my head (or my husband) said, “keep it simple stupid.”  I realized I was taking this trying-to-look-like-the-real-thing a little too far.  I needed to really tone down the design, keeping just a few of the details so they wouldn’t look overworked.

Minecraft 2

I think the less-is-more approach worked much better in this case, don’t you?

Maybe I should use the less is more approach with my style choices too.  If banana clips and scrunchies are out, maybe rhinestones and my acid wash mom jeans are too….

2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes.

  1. Love the onesie cookies! And how fun to see the behind the scenes of cookie designs. I am in awe. Truly an art!

  2. You’re a mom, you automatically have mom jeans. 🙂 I don’t usually go for chevron pattern, but that is my favorite out of the three. So ADORABLE! It was a tough choice, too. They’re all so cute.

    As for Minecraft, I admire your willingness to even try the first pattern. I would’ve make giant square cookies in different colors and said “Look, you get to put them together just like the game!” Your simpler version are perfect. Beautiful work.

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