Halloween…so soon??

I have a few issues with Halloween.

Contrary to 89% of the world, NOT a huge fan of zombies.  Mummies bother me with all that groaning, and random body parts sticking out of the ground unattached to anything can be a little unsettling. Since reading “The Historian” (EXCELLENT book which will, in a sec, sound totally hypocritical) I can’t even look at a vampire without wondering if I’m going to be bitten in the middle of the night.

And I do not AT ALL like spiders VERY very much.

Small, medium, large spiders, real spiders, fake spiders, dead spiders, pictures of spiders. No spider is a good spider.  My daughter tells me we need spiders because they eat other pesky bugs so they’re helpful to us.  Unless she finds one crawling in her room.  Then she forgets for a second…or a couple of minutes, depending on how long it takes me to find and kill it.

We have brown furry (non-poisonous) spiders that are about 1 1/2 inches long here in the foothills. Getting ready for bed one night I saw one crawling along the floor headed right towards my side of the bed.  I screamed and yelled and screamed some more…an hour later the mattress was leaning against the wall, the box spring was pushed off the frame and we shook out all the bed linens and comforter.

To no avail.

Big fat hairy spider was laughing from an excellent hiding place somewhere.

We pieced the bedroom back together, put the bed linens on the bed and as I put my pillow down, I saw the spider hanging from the bedskirt on my side of the bed. I may or may not have broken the leg of the bed frame smashing that spider to smithereens. And I will tell you by the time we found the spider, my husband had the bugs-crawling-all-over-your-body-heebie-jeebies too so he was pretty happy it was dead…and also because I would have twitched and slapped my arms all night thinking the spider was crawling on me and he wouldn’t have gotten any sleep.

What’s the one thing I like about Halloween?  Sugar of course.


This was my favorite cookie this year.  Again, hypocritical but they are fun, aren’t they?

Scary on

And it looks like I was really intent on screwing up the whole ‘keep calm’ idea….

misc cookies

I was privileged enough to participate in the GoBo! Foundation‘s Bake Sale Fundraiser and these were some of the cookies.

In exactly 36 hours I will get to look forward to my next least favorite holiday….April Fool’s Day…..


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