A post.

The holidays came

<clap clap>

The holidays went

<clap clap>

Here’s the post

<clap clap>

I never sent

<clap clap>

So I’m one of those people that gets completely immersed in whatever holiday is happening right now.  October 1st I take out all the fall/Halloween decorations and turn my house into my tiny Autumn wonderland.  The day after Thanksgiving all those decorations are put away and out comes the Christmas decorations and my house turns into a sparkly Christmas dreamworld.

And then the day after Christmas, everything transforms from dreamworld to cheap, dust collecting, wilted tchotchkes that I can’t stand to look at for another second.  Which is pretty much how it is after I’ve immersed myself in a holiday – I have to get rid of it as soon as possible and don’t want to look at it for another 365 days.

It’s a holiday hangover if you will.

I have a list of all sorts of cookies I’d like to make and the Charlie Brown Christmas collection is just one of them.  A friend of mine owns a marketing firm and decided this year he’d give his clients cookie platters and bottles of wine for gifts.  I know, right??  Christmas dinner is served 🙂

We made twenty platters of twenty cookies for each client .  My biggest fear was the quality of the cookie after sitting out over a few days while I decorated them.  Then my brilliant engineer hubby figured out if you put the cookies in an airtight container with a piece of bread, the cookies stay fresh.  Just like the bread trick with brown sugar. How cool it that?  So I decorated the cookies, we put them in airtight containers with the slice of bread and ta-daa!  Soft(er) cookies overnight!  LOVE that!

peanuts christmas

peanuts christmas

Here’s a couple of other things I kept myself busy with…..

lego cookies

lego cookies



Lego cookies for my nephew’s birthday.





mine craft cake pops

mine craft cake pops



Minecraft Creeper cake pops…




color your own cookie

color your own cookie



Color your own cookies kits.  This was another idea I’ve been dying to make.






So now I’m off to decorate my house in hearts and lace and cupids that I will love LOVE until February 15th….


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