That football game.

The Superbowl.  Did you hear much about it?  The Denver Broncos played the Seattle Seahawks and got, well, whooped.  BIG.  And you know why?

Because of me.

That’s right.


You might have heard things like the Seahawks defense was AWEsome…or that Peyton Manning just couldn’t find a loophole in their defense that he often finds with other teams.  Or maybe that the Broncos just didn’t really show up that day.

But really, it was me.  Why?

Because I got all cocky with these….

Superfan cookies

Superfan cookies

See how the Seahawks super fan is all scared and nervous looking?  And the Broncos Superfan is all confident with his hands on his hips like he owns the joint? By doing that, I think I jinxed it.  If I would have just stuck with more neutral cookies like these

Game face cookies

Game face cookies

…maybe we would have had a better chance.

Denver DEFinitely has Superfans.

Next year I’m going neutral.  Note to self….Don’t get cocky…..

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