My nemesis.

Snickerdoodle cupcakes

Snickerdoodle cupcakes

In hopes that people will order treats from me to raise money for Breast Cancer Research, I bake things and post pictures so that said people can see that I can decorate a decent cookie and fumble my way through cake pops and cupcakes.

…and hopefully the lack of cake photos will encourage them to not order a cake.

I am constantly trying to take a decent picture of my creations so they look, well, appealing.

Enter ‘beige’ food.

Argh – beige!  Breads, pastas, shortbread, snickerdoodles…all. beige.  We have a social magazine in our area where I contribute a recipe a month and let me tell ya, I seem to make aLOT of colorful food wrapped up in beige – quesadillas, egg rolls, empenadas.  AHHH!!

One of my most successful desserts is a mini cream puff – it’s a mouth full of yum!  But….

cream puff

cream puff

Eh.  It’s ok.  Or how about these scrumptious Apple Hand Pies….

hand pie

hand pie

More beige but darker.  So this weekend I made Carrot Banana bread and really worked on staging and lighting….

Carrot Banana bread

Carrot Banana bread

A little better.  Baby steps, right? Stay tuned for more beige!  Next up…Healthified Rice Krispie Treats 🙂

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