Healthy failed.

I’ve mentioned before that my kids are comPLETE opposites when it comes to taste.  I’m fully prepared for my daughter to come home one day and tell me she’s a vegetarian.  Her first favorite food is salad, followed by more vegetables and topped off with any kind of fruit and she’ll save choking down whatever the protein is until the last.

My son on the other hand is a junk food, fried food, covered in cheese kind of a guy.  He’ll each a vegetable if it’s called a ‘french fry’ and protein if it’s covered in bacon.  For him to eat anything healthy I have to be crafty.

I hide all the good stuff.  I puree vegetables, I throw in flaxseed, by all the fancy juice smoothies with vegetables hidden in them.  One of his favorites is mashed potatoes and it was a loooonnnnng time before he knew it was pureed cauliflower.  Another favorite is meatloaf which I throw in gobs and gobs of chopped vegetables.

Since last week was the first week of school, I thought I’d be the cool mom and make the kids a special after school treat.  Who doesn’t like Rice Krispie Treats?  And….because I’m me….I thought I’d used healthified brown rice puff cereal and throw in some flaxseed, covering them up with sprinkles.

rice krispie treats

Note: MORE beige food – this time on colorful stuff in hopes of helping it along <wink>

Big FAIL!  The kids loved the sprinkles and that was about it.  The puff cereal was squeaky and flavorless and the flaxseed did NOT help the lackluster taste at all.  I threw away at least half the pan.

Which, if looking at the bright side, means that I successfully kept sugar out of my kids mouths.

No….that’s really stretching it……

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