Photography practice

Raspberry Rhubarb Pie

Raspberry Rhubarb Pie

If you’ve visited lately, you’ve heard that I’ve been working on my photography skills a little.  I’ve found that you can make the most delicious desserts but if the photograph is lousy, it seems hardly worth the effort.

I’ve been pouring over ‘Plate to Pixel’ by Helene Dujardin and she has breathtaking photos – the other day I was drooling over onions!?!

So since I have been so into tan or beige food lately, I’ve been trying a few of her tricks.  This Raspberry Rhubarb Pie  is a family favorite and I’ve baked it a hundred times before but haven’t been able to get the picture right.  Helene says that adding ingredients for the dish, around the dish to add extra appeal.  Whaddya think?  Do those extra raspberries and almonds make you want to dig right in???

My family is sure enjoying my photography efforts…they get to eat all the test subjects!

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