Hello Fall!!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I. LOVE. Fall.

I love boots and leggings and chunky sweaters.  I like enjoying the sunshine without the threat of heat exhaustion.  I like curling up under blankets with the fireplace on and a hot toddy, watching football.

Granted, fall also brings zombies, skeletons, giant spiders and blood.  Alot of blood.  Graveyards pop up in the oddest places.  Eyeballs are randomly placed around and witches are all around, crashing into trees.  Ugh.  I’m SO not a fan.

Fall always brings fun fall cookies too….

Broncos basket

I made a couple of these baskets for silent auctions in the area. Yes, I live in Broncos country.



Cute squirrels just for fun 🙂

happy scarecrows

Happy scarecrows for the fourth annual Go Bo! Foundation Cookie Sale.

And yes, I made creepy things because some people like that kind of stuff…..

Scary Halloween

I’m definitely not one of those people <yuck>

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