Book Review – “Pink Hell, Breast Cancer Sucks”

pink hell

Doing this “I bake…you donate” schtick for awhile, I have heard some heart-wrenching stories of battles fought and lost, as well as stories of amazing resilience, bravery and hell bent determination to fight and win.  I’ve heard people tell their stories with bits of humor here and there but none have had me belly laughing.

Until this book!  Dr. Melissa Bailey was diagnosed with a unique form of breast cancer at the ago of 40.  Metaplastic Breast Cancer occurs in less than one percent of all breast cancer cases so there’s no exact plan on how to attack.  This book makes me want to hang with Dr. Bailey every day because if she’s this hilarious while fighting for her life, she’s got to be even MORE hilarious in every day, cancer-free life.

Dr. Bailey calls the people she’s dealing with names like ‘Dr. Poker Face’ or  ‘Dr. Perky’ and calls her mom ‘Nurse Hatchett’ (who coincidentally is a breast cancer nurse).  Her attitude is everything….at one point while on antibiotics she says “The other great thing about being on antibiotics is it really clears your skin up.  Also, now that I have to much of it showing, being bald and all, that is really a bonus.”

Amazon’s five star review says “Dr. Melissa Bailey shares her personal story of battling breast cancer. A “Seinfeld” like story of her adventures dealing with all the ups and downs of the disease. She helps the reader bring a bit of humor to the otherwise dark periods of life.”

I highly recommend “Pink Hell”, you will NOT be disappointed!

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