Star Wars!

I remember when the first Star Wars came out….like in the movie theatre, not on DVD or Blue Ray.  It’s one of the few movies I remember going to as a kid.

That’s really the only part I remember…going to a movie.  And the hee-you-age screen!  And the buttery popcorn.  And the Good & Plenty box the size. of. my. head.  (I was pretty little at the time)

The theatre was DARK.  I remember continually looking at my parents because I had no idea how long we were going to have to sit there.  In the dark.  And I don’t really remember much of the movie (luckily movies were waaaay cheaper back then and my parents didn’t have to give their weeks worth of grocery allowance to take us).  I appreciate the love my husband and son have for the movies, along with pretty much everyone I’ve ever met.

So I figured if there hasn’t been one yet, there is a Star Wars baby shower theme in the near future.

Wouldn’t these be a perfect fit*?

Star Wars Onesies

Star Wars Onesies

*you can find these actual onesies on Etsy.

“Try not.  Do, or do not.  There is no try.” -yoda

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